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Celebration of Food

31 Aug

A brilliant treat for ardent foodies, Khan Saab does more than just impress. It leaves a lasting impression even after you have long left its carpeted floors

Before this, I firmly believed that money can’t buy happiness. But my visit to Khan Saab had me re-thinking about that statement. It’s true! Nothing works better on your mood than a plate of the most delectable delicacies.

Now, there is some food that cannot be recreated in any other form except its original and the menu at Khan Saab reads Indian ethnic food, page after page. With the menu quite in place, the ambiance of the restaurant speaks grandness in and around the massive space. Well lit up with candle chandeliers, the expansive dining room is beautifully set up with rich brown teak wood furniture with silver crockery ornamenting each table. A carpeted stairwell (much like the one you have seen in the dining hall in Titanic) takes you to the first floor which is reserved for a large party or get-together.

While sipping on some Badam Thandai which was a concoction of dry fruits and aromatic spices with a spicy after taste, we glanced at the extensive, bookish menu. What stands out at Khan Saab is that it seems to have achieved the right balance in recreating dishes served in the durbars of the emperors of the North-west frontier. The best part about it is that it has an elaborate spread of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.

To start with, we were served Palak chaat which was fresh spinach leaves dipped in batter and fried to the crisp with a topping of refrigerated yoghurt and flavoured with tamarind chutney and sprinkled with sev. Restrain from filling yourself up with it. The Cheez Subz Di Kurkure was crunchy wheat warq rolls filled with cheese, mushroom and potato.

As we lay back, letting some of the starters settle in, sipping on some more of the Badam Thandai, the crunchy Gosht ke Gappe arrived. Filled with cooked, tender mutton stuffed in a poori, they were quite interesting. Now, Khan Saab is popular for their juiciest kebabs and we didn’t forget to order that. We tried every dish that had kebab at the end. So whether it was the Tunde Kebab which was a mix of exotic spices in patties of meat grounded to perfection or the Malai Chandi Kebab which was char-grilled morsels of flavourful chicken served with lemon juice and melted butter. They were all just simply mouth-watering!

As much as we were stuffed and ready to pass out, the main course looked delectable and definitely worth a try. The Rajwada Raj Gosht, a delicacy from Rajasthan had succulent pieces of lamb soaked in a flavourful, thick gravy served with a condiment of butter naan.

Satisfied and much rounder at the end of our gluttonous ordeal, it’s guaranteed that you need an unlimited appetite if you choose to dine at Khan Saab. Bon apetit!