Almost lost in Toronto – Part two

2 Sep

CHAPTER TWO – Directions ! Directions !

Yeah so I am back to being on my own and I am looking for another Everton to help me out. I head out of the subway station and I look around for a help desk to help me with my not so good sense of direction. I walk up to a man who is drinking coffee sitting at a table at a nearby coffee shop. He says that I need to get on to Bay Street but he doesn’t know the way. He used to work around that place several years ago but he has no idea about it now. He directs me to the information desk which is located at the end of the square.
Now this place is the heart of Toronto.The place from where the beat starts to rise. Though some others would say the heart of Canada is Montreal. Anyway I haven’t been there so I don’t know.
The chic at the information desk gives me directions to Bay Street. I couldn’t really understand what she said. I think she was still sleepy. So i walk to the intersection and ask an Indian man how to get on to Bay Street. He gives it to me properly 🙂
Bay Street is like three blocks ahead and at a 5 mins walking distance and when I get there I walk to the parking lot and ask two black men where to get my Grey Hound ticket from and they reply in the most obvious of statements.
“Why from the greyhound station right across the street.” Of-course. [:|] Smart-mouths !
I walk in to the station and to another Information desk.Walking to information desk is such an easy task now.Anyway I tell my story to a woman behind the counter and she says that I need to pick up my ticket from someone in a yellow vest.I look for one but I can’t really seem to differentiate between people wearing yellow jackets and yellow vests.I spot someone in a yellow jacket but he is standing in line. He is a passenger.I go back inside and I ask an Italian woman. She has no clue. I ask an Asian. She doesn’t know what I am talking about.
Finally I see this gay man wearing a yellow vest walking towards the exit and I get hold of him and ask him as to where I can pick my ticket from. He asks me for details. I tell him that I had deliberately missed the bus at 8:30 and now wanted to get my ticket re-issued. He tells me that I need to pay 15$ for my imbecile sense of timing and stupidity. As if I am left with a choice. I pay up. He disappears for a good 15 minutes. Another lady gets me my ticket and asks me to qew up in line at stop 12. I walk over and stand in line like everybody else.
There is an Asian couple standing ahead in line and they are “coochie-cooing”. Yes I am a very frustrated soul and I don’t like it when I watch people making out in public. It just makes me sad because I don’t get as much action as they do. Anyway…
Yeah so I am on the right bus finally but I am still not sure because it says that the bus’ last stop is Stratford and not Charles terminal and that’s where I am supposed to get off. Anyway I hop onto the bus and wait patiently for it to fill in. That’s when I realize that in my runaway madness I have forgotten to eat breakfast. Not that I care much but I haven’t had any food or drink for the past 4 hours and I am hungry like crazy ! So to make myself feel better I think about a nice hot juicy steak with mashed potatoes and a nice chilled bottle of coke (stomach starts making weird gurgling noises. Wrong thought. I shut up.)
A pretty blonde chic comes and sits right next to me. I ask her as to where she is getting off and she says Cambridge which is quite far from Waterloo. So I tell her that I need to get down at Waterloo and she suggests that I take a cab there. Har Har!
True to her hair colour. Waterloo is a good 30 kms from Cambridge as in the University of Waterloo and she suggests that I take a cab there !
“It will only be somewhat around 20$.”
My ass it will be 20 bucks. She has no idea whatsoever so I politely smile and say thanks anyway and chug my earphones in. She falls asleep too.
I notice she is pretty. Has nice hair.A not so toned tummy but still long legs. Then I realize I am a girl.
I admire Toronto’s towering cityscape.There is a Blue Jays game on Saturday, the sign blinks on and off at the Roger’s Stadium.
Toronto has a charm. It has the charm of making you feel comfortable. Even though you are lost and you know it, it still is fun. Exciting. Thrilling. Scary. Lets sum them up and term it the ETS factor.
So anyway I fall asleep too for a few minutes only worried that I might not get down at the right station. Maybe I am just plain excited because I am on my own. I don’t have to answer to anyone as to where I am or where I am really going even though it was for a few hours. Freedom to not be questioned felt nice all over again. I am used to it now and I get easily annoyed when I am questioned about my whereabouts.
Anyway the chic gets down at Cambridge and wishes me all the best. How sweet ! No..really. I am not being sarcastic.
I don’t even ask the driver anymore because I am ashamed and embarrassed that I can’t do such a simple task of going from A to B. So I just shrivel back into my seat and look ahead.We arrive at Waterloo a few minutes later and he drops a few more passengers at Sports World. Now Waterloo is a huge place. Waterloo-Kitchener together make up one region so you would obviously be expecting a lot of small villages in between.
Now I am a city-zen of a proper city. I get into an auto and I ask him to take me wherever I have to go to.Its that simple or maybe I am just used to that kind of traveling.
Finally, the bus stops at Charles Terminal at Kitchener and I heave a huge sigh of relief.Now one last task of finding a bus to UOW. I need to use the bathroom first. Things have been messier in my stomach as compared to things in my head. I quickly freshen up and follow the signs.The bus that goes to University of Waterloo arrives a few minutes later. I get on. Pay my fare.Find myself a seat and wait anxiously to arrive at my destination.
After 4 and a half hours of constant traveling,changing of buses,subways and stations, I am tired and I am hungry and I am happy. I quietly silently give myself the award for my gutsy-ness. Now most people would think of this as a simple everyday task. It isn’t really. To be out in the open in a completely new and different place,its not difficult but its not easy either.
I had fun and I loved the experience. I think I will do it again.This time please God, let it be overseas 😉 😀


3 Responses to “Almost lost in Toronto – Part two”

  1. Whats in a Name September 2, 2008 at 2:26 PM #

    Hi…Thnks for adding me on Indiblogger..:-)Whoaa… You surely travelled alot.. And its real fun travelling alone….:-)Keep blogging..:-)


  2. vj8 September 2, 2008 at 5:19 PM #

    waiting for the final post, 😉


  3. Sana September 2, 2008 at 5:24 PM #

    haha ! I dint really plan on writing the final post coz this was the last one to the sequel.Travellin back was easier as compared to travellin to it..


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