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9 Jul

You make me want to blush like a little school girl. A school girl who is still eleven but thinks that she can take over the world and swim in all of the oceans if asked to.

Your smile especially heightens my pulse rate making me breathless. It is reminiscent of a country boys’ smile, simple and sweet. The one that makes you want to slowly unfurl yourself from the shell you are hiding in, into the bright sun.

And ever has it been known that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation. –
Kahlil Gibran

There are times when it becomes hard not having you around. There are times when I want to feel your face, when I want to smell your hair and run my fingers down your palm. There are times when all I want to do is put my head on your chest, hold you tight and go to sleep.

There are times when I can’t put my eyes on you. But I want to. I wait till my heart is trembling inside my hardened throat and each finger is stealing its beat in their sweaty tips. A day will come when I will force myself to stare long enough into them to trap their color in my mind and memorize its contours down to a perfect t.

My feelings can be equated to a roads steep dip or even a taboo piece of literature that is only spoken of in hushed tones. It has secret code words and signals and are felt at the highest level of adrenaline tucked under the fingernails, sprinkled in veins and is separated in the fingers.

Our meeting and the courting after, was like stepping foot into water. A giant pool of swampy green and glistening yellow. When my feet were first captured, it felt cool and weightless; slippery against my sunburned skin. I was hesitant to swim, but with each flinching nerve, I slipped in further. Learning to swim still has its challenges, but I’ve gotten along happily, with floating on the breezy surface; each ebbing wavelet pulling me along.

A tiny fish in an open tank, feeling out the depths.

I want to let your hands swallow mine. Let your fingers inspect each curve, embedded bone, filling in its fleshy expanse like a map, marking all the spots you’ve visited.

Your heart resembles, a newly undiscovered sun, smothering my shoulders to trail down and pick apart my fears. I’ll submit to it every time my heart shivers inside its bloody walls.

On my hands are planted all the words I’ve left unsaid. I force myself to meet the day when I will push them in my eyes and let you move close enough to read them.


Painting Nature’s Silhouette….

7 Jul
“There are no signposts in the sky to show a man has passed that way before. There are no channels marked. The flier breaks each second into new uncharted seas.” – Anne Lindbergh

What borders a distant horizon
is a mystery delved in too deep.
The sky and the sea needled together
Like guarding a treasurer’s keep.

If you held your breath
and listened in closely, you’d hear whispers
one or two.
Words string together by tidal waves
Chanting stories of mythical creatures
and of many a pirates’ doom.

A lighthouse stands alert
at the edge of the bay.
With its poise , calm and distance.
Like an evening star
Guiding the lost, on their way.

Vegetation border shorelines.
Gulls speckled across the clear knit sky.
With such humble clarity and purpose
Did God paint his creative vibes.

While I am alive…

5 Jul

I watched the movie ‘The Bucket List’ a couple of months ago and the subject wasn’t an unfamiliar one. There have been ‘n’ number of movies that were based on the same lines but it was touching. When storytellers plagiarize such subjects over and over again, they leave us thinking and seeking the deeper realms of humanity where the varied degrees of materialism fail to play an effective modest role.
All pathological bugs aren’t entitled to do the math to balance out how much you have saved up in the bank, they don’t even look at what caste or race you belong to, what language you speak and like all other schisms unnatural they don’t discriminate.
The reason why the movie was called what it was called is because Carter (Freeman) makes a list of all the things that he wishes to do before he “kicks the bucket”. So I thought I would write mine too since I saw Aishu do it :D. So here it goes…

1). Drive an auto at least once !
2). Publish a book at 21 which would become an instant bestseller for a long time to come.
3). Film a documentary in Afghanistan.
4). Get one of my films to be screened at the Film Festivals – Cannes/Venice/Toronto or just all three.
5). Be a celebrity guest on Oprah.

6). Learn to play the guitar and then perform it on stage in front of millions.
7). Watch the sun rise from a hill top.
8). Trek the Himalayas just to smoke weed.
9). Go on a ghost hunting spree to Austria and England.
10). Feel like a million bucks !

11). Be on top of the game.
12). Plan a getaway and not let anyone know about it.
13). Travel the world for free.
14). Be smart enough to count cards in a gamble for which I also wish I was a whiz at Math. 😛
15). Create tension like Speilberg !

16). Be a part of the big change (a good one ofc.)
17). Bungee jump from a cable car in Switzerland.
18). Get a flat toned tummy and a belly button 😀
19). Scuba dive !!!
20). Win an argument with Amod.

Wish this list is not just a list