Archive | March, 2008

Look deep Within….

29 Mar

Life as we see it
Is a form of expression.
An unpredictable adventure
that one endures and finds.
Most of the time we feel
Ugly,fat,dumb and unloved.
Someone constantly needs to
Ring that bell inside your head
That you are wanted as much.
You crib about the things in life
That’s when you realize
What’s yours and
What’s mine.

Life isn’t a bed of roses
And it isn’t a rhyme.
Something that beats
Every hour of the day
That’s life.
Binded by materialism.
Bowed down by Fate.
Sulking through the Day.
Loving what we hate.
Stop and think.
We can’t have
All what we crave.
It’s the patience that counts.
Put on the brakes.
So I’m still lonely
And my heart’s ablaze.
He is the Light
In my darkest of caves.
Without him I am lost
In the deepest Maze.