Archive | October, 2007
2 Oct


There are things unsaid
Things untold.
Yet we know so much
Secrets behold.
I live to see the daylight yet again
But you are gone
And I don’t know how to ease
My pain.
Didn’t think it would come so soon
Life is uncertain
And there is no room.
You have gone to a place.
Don’t know what it’s like.
But I do know that
You are gonna
Be happy and safe.
Free from the strings
Of this God-forsaken place.
In the midst of reality
I find myself to face.
The pain of your death
That came in a haste.

1 Oct


I am holding onto something unnerving
Something uncertain

Feels like I am flying without wings

Don’t know who to trust

Don’t know what to believe

If it’s true love that you make me feel

Then why do i weep.

I don’t want to understand anymore

‘Cause I have understood enough

I don’t want to be given reasons to
‘Cause I have heard enough

I don’t want to be lied to

‘Cause I have cried enough
You are so close

And you mean so much

At night when I sleep

My heart it aches

Aches for your touch

I want you to know

That you make me happy

I want you to know
You make me cry

I want you to know
You are a big part of my life
Even though you aren’t here
I still survive.