16 Sep

This world is materialistic
This world is not for me
There are people who surround me
They are there to protect
But I still walk a lonely road.
I feel like I am a puppet
A puppet,who’s strings are attached
to uncertainties.
They define their expectations
With no marks
I dont know what to do
I dont know what they are expecting of me
They say a man is born free
But I see myself tangled up in chains
Bound by ethical and social norms
I feel I m losing what is mine
I feel it will all slip away one day
This life is mine but ironically
not mine at all
I am not mine!!
I feel like a bird in a cage
Desperately trying to break free
From the stainless steel bars
that separate her from reality
I feel lonely and unwanted
You say you know me
You say you love me
But,honestly tell me
How much of those words hold truth?
Am I not yet another creation of God?
Do I not have feelings?
Why is that I have to change
Mould myself in a way
a way that you want
Why do I feel that I am not wanted,the way I am
Why does it always have to be me
who showers unconditionally
And in return I am stated conditions
Life isn’t fair,
So,why bother living it
For whom do we work so hard?
Why toil ourselves
When we aren’t satisfied
What is the purpose of our existence
I want to make a difference
I want to be given the chance
to commit my own childish mistakes
I want to fall down and hurt myself
I want to feel the pain
I want things to change
I want to break the monotony
of following aimlessly
Age old trends without reason
There are too many things happening
Too much chaos
Too many unanswered questions
But,there is one question
I want to ask you
And you have to answer me
Is it so hard
To let me be free?!?!


2 Responses to “”

  1. p-21 September 17, 2006 at 12:27 PM #

    mmmits purpose.


  2. p-21 September 17, 2006 at 1:36 PM #

    you just said..”I want to break the monotonyof following aimlessly””There are too many things happeningToo much chaos” and then “To let me be free?!?!”almost like a particle on a field!Now how certain are you about your chaotic environment?Is it you,whos finding oneself inside those steel bars or is it that those inanimate pieces of solidified matter find you deeply within themselves?For the emotionless bars,in their very own misery,its a tragedy of all sorts as neither could/(would?) they let you out(or want to?)For the free and the spirited life is about the blue skies and the green depths but for the bars, deprived of any lively virtues,life is all about you.Debating fairness is indulging in subjectivity and probably some of the very same questions are not meant to be answered.(?)Kids we are and shall remain and to err and learn is absolutely natural.gliding into the open skies with the free winds to greet you..but then the only regrets would be dance on the torn skin and the fall of the broken feathers.


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