13 May


It is for you..that I would do anything
For you have captured my heart…
You hold it within your hands, my love…
And you have from the very start.
You have presented me with a treasure…
One that I hold to so dear…
You’ve shared with me your heart, love
And I keep it with me here.
I promise it’s held in safe keeping…
And I will not allow it to break,
I will handle it ever so gently…
Taking care not to make a mistake…
It is safe here with me, love, I promise
And will be treated with much love and care…
You can trust me to keep it so safely
While apart…I here and you there.
Then one day we shall join our hearts, love
And you’ll see what great care I did take…
How I handled your heart so gently
And never allowed it to break.


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