28 Feb

From the high moral platform of double standard they handed down the ethical code of free speech where freedom of expression outweighs the respect for religion.But the ethical code or moral code of double standard (Yes,lexically it is an ethical code..:-))gave them the edge of a hypocrite to deride one and respect the other.
Editor of the Danish newspaper which published the sacrilegious cartoons,rejected caricatures of Jesus because he considered them offensive.The Jesus cartoons hurt his Christian belief and outweighed his right to free expression.The moral high platform crumbled and fell flat!Hypocrisy,double standard,double speak are but the tools of the biased and the coward.Ironically today they are the ones complaining when the hysteria they whipped up is turning into violence.
Who is to blame for the anger that has taken the form of protest which is spreading across the world like Danish butter on a slice of bread?Who whipped up the silent rage into frenzied protests?It was the attitude of those who wiped out all values of responsibility and ethics with a stroke of the brush.
France,being one of those countries that have reprinted the cartoons,considers itself the most liberal of all liberals,had to put an announcement on all advertisements of Martin Scorcese’s film,”The Lat Temptation of Christ” explaining the film was based on the novel and not on the gospel.
What about the so-called developed countries like Germany,Italy,Norway,Spain etc…don’t they have Penal Codes issued by their governments?Doesn’t their government justify the blasphemy in the name of freedom of expression?Are blasphemy laws in European countries restricted to Christianity?What kind of freedom is this which compartmentalizes the people according to their religion and race?What genre of expression is this which creates a wedge among the people?!


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