6 Feb

I feel time slipping away from my hands just like fine granules of sand.The spirit of loneliness lingering in the soft whispers of air.The feeling of owned and loved by someone haunts the mind.I want to feel the gentleness of your touch.I want to feel the warmth of your breath.I want to stay right in your arms,A place from where no one can snatch me away.
I want to be a part of your dream.A dream that you foresee.A dream that will someday become a reality.A dream to be shared by two.And all I want is you ’cause you make me complete.It makes me feel whole.It gives me a light to follow when I tread on those dark and spooky tunnels.
I can still hear your voice whispering those three tiny words which set me free from that loneliness.The echoing voice travelling through the cares of the mind never stops and they won’t ’cause I know you cannot stop loving me.I know a few facts of life which is worth sharing with you.For instance,I know the reason why I was born in this chained world.Here no one’s free and no one’s happy unless you have a shoulder to unload the burdens.Now you know why I am in love with you!’Cause you are the oxygen I ever breathed on Earth.
Every spice has its special flavor,every ocean has its depth,every bird has a song,every star has its light and every word has a meaning.And no day is complete with the words GOOD NIGHT!!


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