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28 Feb

From the high moral platform of double standard they handed down the ethical code of free speech where freedom of expression outweighs the respect for religion.But the ethical code or moral code of double standard (Yes,lexically it is an ethical code..:-))gave them the edge of a hypocrite to deride one and respect the other.
Editor of the Danish newspaper which published the sacrilegious cartoons,rejected caricatures of Jesus because he considered them offensive.The Jesus cartoons hurt his Christian belief and outweighed his right to free expression.The moral high platform crumbled and fell flat!Hypocrisy,double standard,double speak are but the tools of the biased and the coward.Ironically today they are the ones complaining when the hysteria they whipped up is turning into violence.
Who is to blame for the anger that has taken the form of protest which is spreading across the world like Danish butter on a slice of bread?Who whipped up the silent rage into frenzied protests?It was the attitude of those who wiped out all values of responsibility and ethics with a stroke of the brush.
France,being one of those countries that have reprinted the cartoons,considers itself the most liberal of all liberals,had to put an announcement on all advertisements of Martin Scorcese’s film,”The Lat Temptation of Christ” explaining the film was based on the novel and not on the gospel.
What about the so-called developed countries like Germany,Italy,Norway,Spain etc…don’t they have Penal Codes issued by their governments?Doesn’t their government justify the blasphemy in the name of freedom of expression?Are blasphemy laws in European countries restricted to Christianity?What kind of freedom is this which compartmentalizes the people according to their religion and race?What genre of expression is this which creates a wedge among the people?!

6 Feb

Inspiration is defined as “to motivate by divine influence,to arouse a thought or feeling in someone”.But it could also be transpired as “to show someone a new gateway.”
One question I would like to pose is why do we need to be impressed?Is it human nature?Perhaps yes.Nobody in the wide world does anything unless they are told or inspired,it might be their best friend,a family member or their own conscience.Ofcourse we can blame this as human nature with the biggest example of Adam and Eve.
By the way what is it that inspires one?
Is it someone’s presence?
Or somebody’s absence?
Maybe a supernatural element???
Or plain old Mother Nature along with the celestial objects?An afterthought tells me all of it! One might wonder that what was it that made Einstein,James Watt and Newton make their discoveries?Was it an inspiration or the need to prove themselves to make a difference? i would like to end with a humble little advice I came across.Don’t wait for some kind of inspiration to knock at your door,but look for it.Don’t waste too much time looking for it either,just go for it!Remember you cane make a difference,not just to the world but to yourself too!

6 Feb

I feel time slipping away from my hands just like fine granules of sand.The spirit of loneliness lingering in the soft whispers of air.The feeling of owned and loved by someone haunts the mind.I want to feel the gentleness of your touch.I want to feel the warmth of your breath.I want to stay right in your arms,A place from where no one can snatch me away.
I want to be a part of your dream.A dream that you foresee.A dream that will someday become a reality.A dream to be shared by two.And all I want is you ’cause you make me complete.It makes me feel whole.It gives me a light to follow when I tread on those dark and spooky tunnels.
I can still hear your voice whispering those three tiny words which set me free from that loneliness.The echoing voice travelling through the cares of the mind never stops and they won’t ’cause I know you cannot stop loving me.I know a few facts of life which is worth sharing with you.For instance,I know the reason why I was born in this chained world.Here no one’s free and no one’s happy unless you have a shoulder to unload the burdens.Now you know why I am in love with you!’Cause you are the oxygen I ever breathed on Earth.
Every spice has its special flavor,every ocean has its depth,every bird has a song,every star has its light and every word has a meaning.And no day is complete with the words GOOD NIGHT!!

6 Feb

In the middle of the night
Finding you not by my side
There is an empty space
A hole,a void.
Recalling those days
I’m choked to speak out
My eyes are brimmed
As my head bends to pour out.

Sometimes,sitting in solitude
I feel you right beside me
With those warm hands
And the soft gentle eyes.
I thank my stars every single time
I see you smile at me
And thank the One above
For making me so lucky.

I’ve always wanted to be
A part of your dream
The one which you have seen for us
The one built for two.
The day you walked into my life
I was upside down
But,your footsteps lead me on
And now I can walk upright.

No one knows a deeper value
Of your existence and words
Other than me and only me
The Light of your World!
The adventure on this journey
Is long and tough
But I know clutching onto your hand
I’ll walk it through.

3 Feb


“I held my breath and the door slowly began to open”,he began,inspired.She did not seem to be impressed.Never mind.he would manage
something.”And out of the door came a fabulous monster,the likes of which may never be seen on this earth again.It had three huge heads and five small
ones,fire in it’s eyes,seven heads each with ten fingers and on each finger were six boils and from each boil grew another hideous one. “Five partridges in four pear trees?”,interrupted his sarcastic and still unimpressed audience.”Why don’t you come right out and tell me the
truth?Where were you? What could he tell her?How can you explain away a whole hour of time you have ‘misplaced’ to any woman,particularly the one you happen to be
married to.It’s situations like this that drive a man to deceit.But he hadn’t lost hope-he’d try again.”I was just driving around and the car ran into the pothole
(what are they doing with our taxes honmestly!)but it was actually a time warp and ……er…..well,maybe not.”His imagination had run dry.He was suddenly
irritated.The obstinate woman was just being difficult.”Listen,you obstinate woman”,he yelled,”you’re just being difficult(Ooopsss….fire alarm). His super-macho,indignant-man-of-the-family-how-dare-you-question-my-actions pose did lose some of it’s ferasomeness,when it was followed
first by a petulant look and then by the grin that never failed to melt her.It did not fail this time either(Men are so blatantly good at emotionally blackmailing
women…….(sigh).She even suggested some excuses herself.How about,she offered,he really had been at the supermarket,but it was really a long line and
when he had come halfway,the checkout guy decided to stop for a snack.He pooh-poohed that ,though hurt,she protested,arguing she ought to know what
she herself would believe.He completely scorned this opinion.Had she,he inquired,ever tried lying to herself.Agreeing that she had not,she conceded defeat. It was 8:30 by then.A ll was centered around 9 and he thought it had been going fine,so the good mood,he’d managed to bring about in
her,he was sure he would be able to handle everything.She had forgotten the lost hour and was perfectly agreeable to the suggestion that they go out for
dinner.Too perfectly agreeable.Why was she showing no more emotion than just plain agreement?Had he been wrong,when he thought he knew what she
thought?or was this the wrong day completely.Well,if it was,it was too late now. At the restaurant,her surprise at the reserved corner table was more unnerving still.But,then she really wanted an explanation.Why had he
reserved a table and then pretended to be so spontaneous when he asked her out?It was time for confessions. “I thought it was our anniversary”,he said,taking the tiny gift-wrapped box from his pocket and placing it on the table in front of her.”The time I
disappeared today ,I was busy choosing the gift.I know I have got the day wrong and I am sorry but I’ll make it up to you on our real anniversary .We’ll do
something really special then.”In his monologue he forgot to notice the sheepish grin and the dropped jaw that accompanied his beloved lady’s face.It was time
for a hell lot more confessions. “It is our anniversary today”,he sighed.”Well,why didn’t you say so before?”,she said.”All day I thought I was the one who had messed up the
dates and made up that cock n bull story to get you to stay calm”,said her very disgruntled spouse. “Actually I was the one who had forgotten”,she admitted.There was a second of silence before he burst out laughing.”I always thought that men
were supposed to forget”,he said.”Well,I guess you got the better of me this time”,she mumbled through her laughter.”Finally.” She looked radiant and beautiful as the sun reflected off her brown eyes…just the way he wanted her to be….just the way she was when he had
first laid eyes on her 50 years ago.