29 Nov

let us sit down together
And beat our heads in despair.
At the interminable killings
And never ending warfare.
Of brother killing brother
for the sake of his beliefs
Let us forsake our misguided paths
And seek peace and harmony
Amidst the rains
ofOur once beautiful city;
the city of dreadful night,
Where the treacherous knifeand flaming torch
Leave a trail
of orphans and mourning widows.
Cries of lament rent the air
As a mother cradles her slain son.
Distrust,more venomous than a snake,
Has slithered into our lives
and each believes the other
to bear the mark of Cain.
Let us end this madness
And renounce our
violent ways.
Stop this litany of Hate!
Let saner counsels prevail
For we are the sons of the same soil
Nurtured and nourished
by the same Mother.
Let us become truly
Our brother’s keeper.


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