29 Nov

I met a beggar at break of day
Lying weak on he flagstones
of the city library.
Sightless eyes staring at the
edifice of learning.
Tryin to fathom its knowledge.
Finding no answer to
his craving hunger;
And bitter cold that graved
his aged bones.
A raindrop fell on
his sunken cheek.
like a tear it dropped
from unwept eyes.
Belly skin stretched like
a taut drum.
Hands stiffened in supplication
to the unfeeling passerby.
I met this human derelict
in the last lap of
his futile existence.
Mute testimony of our apathy.
Returning, I saw
his ghostly form
Under a shroud of dirty linen.
Some coins were scattered
here and there,
To dispose off his mortal remains.


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