20 Nov

It was like home in these arms of yours
Something in your eyes opened locked doors
You welcomed me in endless salutations
As though I was the water for your parched inclinations
We spent years under the roof, exhilarated
About everything that happened to us, ignorant
About the future and when that blackened day arrives
Lunging at me, plucking me out, the sun barely shines
I am a tattered soul,lost in the wilderness, without you
This life means nothing
Without this clear blue sky that you finger paint
Without this line of glitter trailing
Behind you when you and I meander
Without the sound of fingertips tapping, teasing me,
Your haunting river stream laughing
I can never be anything without your source of care
The reason of every in taken breath,barely there
I will miss you for life and this love I will keep
With every awakening and every sleep.


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