20 Nov

Stop! Wait!Who is she?
the girl next door?
Who is she?
I wanna know
She sets my heart straight
keeps me up till the morning break.
She turns but never looks at me
Am I so impossible to see
I wanna get acquainted with my neighbour
‘coz sheez set my heart and life on fire!
Sheez got the thing going on
thas y I cant carry on
Man,sheez hot wid a spicy clothing
She walks wid a twist that gets me going.
N I cant walk out of my bedroom door
coz I wanna look at her all da more.
Cant wait till she strips at night
Coz thas d wonder tht envies my sight.
Man,if I dint get her as my partner!
I’ll find a way to be her gardener!
With my fingers crossed I hope I win the race
coz only then i can live my days !


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